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Puppy Food

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It is VERY important that growing puppies are kept on a good quality puppy food as this will contain the extra nutrients needed to ensure that they mature in healthy adults.  This will help to prevent long term health problems (particularly with bones and joints).

Remember that different breeds of dog mature at different rates.  Please consult your breeder for detailed breed specific advice.  Generally speaking the larger the breed the longer they will take to mature and the longer they will need to be on puppy food.

All our puppy food, whatever the variety, contains the extra vitamins and minerals needed for happy and healthy puppies.

They can all be used from weaning to maturity.

Feeding guides are that - a guide - for all dogs but this is particularly so for puppies.  Puppies can go through some incredibly quick growth spurts and this can make them become skinny very quickly.  Be aware that you will have to increase their food substantially over a short period of time.